About PDS

Performance Development Systems (PDS) is a world class performance system providing high quality solutions to national and international athletes, teams and educational organisations.

Quality and empowerment are words that run through PDS, using a “no compromise” approach in the pursuit of excellence. PDS trains and mentors qualified instructors, coaches, athletes and organisations that are looking to maximise their performance.

The PDS philosophy is to only use strategies that work in real world environments. We strive to develop self reliance in all our clients. Using a learning focused attitude to coaching and mentoring, we understand that if performance is to be effective, our clients need to be able to perform consistently under varied pressures without external support.

A word from the PDS team

“The tenacious drive towards something you believe in, the motivation to stick to your goals through the good times and the bad, to choose destinations in life that other may dismiss, to have the confidence and the tools to allow you to do so is what defines PDS. PDS has already successfully influenced 1000s of people, helping them realise their own potential and providing them with the support and tools to turn that potential into reality in a simple, comprehensive way that can be applied in “real world” environments.

We will continue to develop PDS, working with a fantastic group of people who share our vision and passion in helping people to achieve their potential in life. We all had dreams once; a belief that we could achieve more in life with a positive vision of the future. Who says we still can’t? Not us!”