Core Values

Our core values guide our team and vision throughout the whole “PDS Process”. They are the very qualities we stand for and live by. All PDS coaches and trainers passionately believe in these values. Want to know about our Company? Well our core values pretty much sum us up.

Be the role models of everything we teach – all the techniques, systems and principles we teach to our clients are the same ones we believe in and live by. Even down to our exercise and nutrition principles.

Focus on learning, understanding & application not teaching – it’s not good enough for us to just teach during our interaction with clients; we ensure everyone learns in a way they understand and can link everything to their individual goals, we also ensure each person can effectively apply the new knowledge and skills with competence and confidence.

Never be afraid to try something new – the day we stop believing we can learn and improve is the day we need to retire. We will always be open to new ideas and concepts. As with all elements of the Performance Development System (PDS) we will test them first on ourselves with an open mind to ensure they work in the “real world”.

Always keep things simple – why use a technical word when there is a simple one that can do the same job, why use 20 words if you can achieve your point with less. PDS is about keeping things simple so everyone can understand. We ensure all our coaches and trainers have the skills to do this.

Never compromise on quality – this word runs through all our deliveries and products. You only have to experience them once to appreciate our high quality lines.
Focus on what can be done, not what can’t – it is far too easy to find reasons not to give things a go, challenges each day that provide opportunities to give up. We live to find the way to succeed, we live to help our clients choose that same philosophy.

Maintain honesty with ourselves and our clients – we will never hide the truth from ourselves or our clients. Sometimes in life the reality is often hidden and unspoken as people don’t want to face up to potential weaknesses or failures. We believe people need to know where they are in order to move forward and develop.

Adhere to the critical path- this is about only spending time on the elements that are clearly linked to the goal. Far too much time and effort is often wasted on additional models, techniques and systems that may seem interesting or sound good, but do not get you to your destination quicker. These “time pirates” take time away from the elements that do.

Continue to improve and evolve – we are always looking to find ways to develop our systems. As the world changes we will continue to actively develop all our services; ensuring they fit into our clients needs and challenges like a well tailored suit.
Be faithful to our values – there is no point in having core values unless you believe in them and live by them. We have seen far too many organisations that have values filed away or framed on a wall somewhere that are ignored or unknown by their work force.

Our core values define us as individuals and unite us as a team.