PDS Designed Equipment

The reason we decided to design our unique range of performance equipment was purely down to the limited functionality of much of the traditional machines you may find in many gyms and studios.

A large amount of exercise equipment is designed and installed based on what companies believe their clients and athletes want. All our equipment has been designed based on what clients and athletes actually need!

We work in synergy with our partners HALO Performance to create some of the most functionally effective equipment money can buy. We have also developed powerful training systems to exploit the potential of the equipment and include this training in all our PDS Designed Performance Rooms.

HALO Performance

HALO® is advanced strength training hardware, robust with quality, innovative state of the art engineering and safe to use, tough enough for even the most demanding elite teams.

HALO® is Powered by Leisure Lines the UKdesign and manufacturing company with a 15 years history delivering solutions to the highest levels of the commercial Fitness Industry that includes performance sport and theUK military.

Leisure Lines is not a generic or one size fits all Health Club supplier and appreciate elite performers and coaches may have individual preferences and specifications. We aim to meet these requirements by offering expertise and bespoke solutions alongside standard options.