PDS Trained Coaches

The word “coach” is used in sport, fitness and life. The most common are technical sports coaches and life coaches. Some personal trainers also call themselves coaches.

The quality line between people who are genuine coaches and those people who just add it to their name is huge; it ranges from true talent to real liabilities.

Anyone who has achieved a PDS Coach qualification has been through rigorous training with numerous formal assessments. None of our courses are what we call “attendance courses,” rather each coach who attends must already be qualified as a technical coach in their chosen field of expertise. They must then demonstrate effective application of all PDS performance techniques in real world scenarios. Coaches only qualify once they have shown confidence and competence in each element of the system and pass our formal assessment.

It normally takes between 5 and 8 months gain a PDS coach qualification.

To maintain our high quality marks, all PDS coaches are assessed and updated every 12 months.