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Dame Kelly Holmes MBE, Double Olympic Champion

“Mark Bennett is a professional, reliable and talented trainer. He has the ability to inspire, motivate and connect with anyone he works with; taking their ability to a higher level to get the best results.”

Rob Watts, PDS Trainer & coach to Open champion Darren Clarke

“This Thorough and extremely valuable system has helped me to develop and understand how my clients like to learn and improve results. I strongly recommend PDS to anyone who wants to develop as a coach and maximise the performance of the teams and athletes they work with.”

Peter Mattsson, Director of Elite Performance at Swedish Sports

“I have gone through the PDS course and found it extremely useful. Most coaches that I have met are excellent in most of the disciplines that would fall into coaching. Really effective coaching though is about putting all those areas together and having the ‘soft’ skills that will help you help your students/players to do what is required to get where they have the potential to go. The PDS course will give you this.”

Mike Ford, England Rugby Union & British Lions Coach

“As an England rugby union coach I have attended plenty of career development and coaching courses. These courses have provided me with many good ideas, concepts and theories, but non have impacted on me the way the PDS Performance coach course has.

The training consisted of one day per week learning practical techniques, followed a few days later by one-on-one mentoring with direct feedback and reviewing. All theories and techniques were explained in a way that I understood and could immediately integrate into my own coaching. This style of learning was fantastic and has moved my coaching forward in leaps and bounds.

Within four weeks my own coaching has been transformed! This is not just short-term change either; I believe this course has changed the way I will coach for the rest of my career. I have no doubt the techniques I have learnt have had a positive influence on the performance of theEngland team.

Any coach who is serious about maximising the performance potential of the athletes and teams they are working with needs to experience PDS Performance coach course for themselves.”

Kyran Bracken – England Rugby Union World Champion

“I learnt more about my team-mates and myself in 5 days than in 7 years of professional rugby. I now have the tools to make myself a better player and team-mate and to be the success I aspire to. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to achieve their goals and potential.”

Allan Langer – Australia Rugby League World champion

“Without doubt one of the best 5 days I have had in my whole career. The team managed to turn a group of individuals into a strong bonded team in a matter of days.”

Thomas Cataignède – French International

“This year it was a bit special; I learned about myself in one week more than every pre-season training package put together.”

Dr Ross T Walker MRCGP Specialist in Orthopaedics/Sports Medicine and Senior Medical Officer Arborfield Garrison

“Mark Bennett began applying the Performance Development Systems to the personnel on our garrison 4 months ago.  The results for us have been great, with our patients coming to us with training injuries at a rate that is half what it was a year ago.  Their awareness of how to train safely and efficiently has been transformed, along with their assumption of responsibility for their own fitness maintenance and their knowledge of the impact of proper nutrition on their fitness.  Measured fitness outcomes for all personnel have been better than ever before.  After 21 years experience of managing sports and training injuries in military personnel, this system offers the best approach that I have ever seen.  I unreservedly recommend this system to any organisation that is serious about maximising their people’s fitness and personal ownership of that whilst minimising their risk of injury in training”.

Robert Dudley, Aramark Group Manager (International catering company)

“PDS has definitely enhanced the nutritional content and balance of our menus which has allowed us to see a noticeable improvement in sales.

The training of our staff and the ongoing consultancy was both informative and flexible, enabling us to maximise our team’s potential. The educational posters that support the training are also of the highest quality.

I would strongly recommend PDS any organisation that seeks to improve the nutritional habits of the individuals and teams they are working with.”

Steven Orr, Director of Coaching Cranfield Academies

“Having just completed the PDS Performance Coach course I can honestly say that it has been one of the best educational experiences I have had to date. The course makes you look closely at your coaching habits more than any training I have attended before and, with Mark’s outstanding training skills, this ensures that I am a considerably better coach at the end of the process. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a better coach.”

Stuart Armstrong, Development Manager Coaching & Talent Pathways England Golf

“England Golf has been working with PDS since 2009. In that time we have been really impressed by the commitment, dedication and professionalism of the individuals behind the programme. The PDS programme is due to be rolled out across England with coaches at a variety of levels to maximise their capacities and ensure that they can provide the best quality support to young talented golfers.

One colleague from the PGA described the system as “one of the most thorough and well developed coach development programmes he had ever seen”. A number of England’s national team coaches have been introduced to PDS and were wowed by its rigour and potential to transform the lives and the performances of their players. We look forward to the future, working in partnership with PDS”.

Dr Oliver Holt – Coaching System Manager Sports Coach UK

Mark delivered an energetic, challenging and thought provoking session for coaching leads from across governing bodies of sport. We received extremely positive feedback about the PDS, and Mark’s stories of his own learning along his coaching journey; “Mark Bennett’s talk was very inspiring, providing a way of thinking that my Governing Body may need to adopt at certain levels of the performance pathway”; Mark Bennett is a high quality speaker and really emphasises the key characteristics of High Performance coaching”. There’s no doubt that PDS can help organisations to develop their coaching programmes.

Schools & Colleges

Rehab (Parent)

“Bonnie has stopped eating processed foods and fizzy drinks. She drinks fresh fruit juices and prefers wholemeal bread now.”

Jackie (Parent)

“Motivation/Attitude: Sophie is definitively more motivated to do things. She is more focussed, better thinking and ready to move on with confidence!” “Nutrition: This experience has enhanced Sophie’s perceptions”



Aimie Gardner

“I have been involved with sport, playing at an international level and have used various gyms from the age of 3. Also as a woman i have always been aware of what i eat and drink thus exploring many nutrition …

Lisa Cooksey (21, West Midlands)

“At first I thought I would lose interest / motivation when looking at the new program but instead it has had the opposite effect. I enjoy running and going to the gym in my own time.  Seeing the results has been excellent …


Training and Mentoring

Kyran Bracken (England Rugby Union World Champion)

“I learnt more about my team-mates and myself in 5 days than in 7 years of professional rugby. I now have the tools to make myself a better player and teammate and to be the success I aspire to. I would …

Shay Brennan (PGA Golf Professional)

“If you are a coach, and want to become a better coach, become a PDS coach! I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with industry proven theories put into practise. The tools provided by PDS are at the forefront of coaching theory, grounded on …



Rob Watts (Firefighter, Camberley Fire Service)

“I am an active person who trains a lot at the gym and P.T. sessions at the station. I found the nutritional information very useful to help aid my training, and the practical training was very useful; especially regarding function …

Jason Patrick (Firefighter, Camberley Fire Service)

“Thanks for the visit to Camberley Fire station. The one day course you gave us was a great insight into the correct way of exercise and nutrition. I am finding the core exercises very beneficial. I am steadily losing weight …