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Testimonial - Peter Mattsson, Director of Elite Performance at Swedish Sports

“I have gone through the PDS course and found it extremely useful. Most coaches that I have met are excellent in most of the disciplines that would fall into coaching. Really effective coaching though is about putting all those areas together and having the ‘soft’ skills that will help you help your students/players to do what is required to get where they have the potential to go. The PDS course will give you this.”

Our coaching courses are aimed at already qualified coaches & physical trainers who are looking to increase the understanding, learning, performance & motivation of the individuals & teams they are working with. All are courses are “learning focused” meaning we keep everything as simple as possible.

The level of delivery is aimed at experienced professionals who are looking to develop beyond the average trainer or coach.

We keep delegate numbers low on all our courses to ensure learning and understanding is facilitated. As you will see from our core values, quality is something we are not will to compromise on.

Our upgraded 2013 courses mean that you are required to pass Level 1 Coach before booking onto Level 2 Performance Coach. This ensures all coaches have had some experience of our “fundamentals” before progressing.

What are the course costs?

The rates depend on quantity of attendees. Travel is at cost, plus accommodation (only when logistically required).

Introduction to Fundamentals (1 day):

  • £120 per person (9 to 15 people)
  • £75 per person (16 people or more)

Level 1 course (total of 2 days)

  • £120 per person per day (9 to 15 people)
  • £75 per person per day (16 to 20 people)

Level 2 course (total of 5 days)

  • £120 per person per day

Advance course (no set amount of days)

  • Between £600 and £1,800 per day

How many courses can I attend?

You can attend all our courses, but they have been designed to help progress coaches at a rate that has a positive impact in the real world. Our principles remain the same on all courses, it is just the level of depth and detail that increases. There are 4 course levels:

  • Introduction to Fundamentals – optional day which you do not need to attend in order to book onto our level 1 course.
  • Level 1 course – you must pass this course before booking onto level 2.
  • Level 2 course – you must pass this course before booking onto the advanced course.
  • Advanced course – this is world class performance coaching!

Introduction to Fundamentals

This course is delivered over 1 day with no follow up actions required.  It is designed to allow people to experience the PDS principles without committing to any of our coaching courses. “Introduction to Fundamentals” provides an overview of our principles and includes the following:

  • Identifying leisure & performance athletes/players
  • Understanding what a performance environment really looks like
  • Introduction to PDS coaching methods linked to our own critical path
  • How to exploit every minute of every training session
  • Why excellence has nothing to do with someone’s level of ability

You do not have to attend this day to load onto the PDS level 1 coach; it is an optional addition to our courses.

PDS level 1 Coach

The course is delivered over 2 days; 1 day followed by a 1 day confirmation of learning 2 to 4 weeks later. We cover the fundamentals of our performance coaching strategies. It will provide you with strategies and techniques to ensure athletes and teams learn quicker, take more responsibility for their decisions and actions. We will also share our unique session frameworks that help establish and maximise the pace of performance development within your training and coaching plans.

This course has been delivered to coaches of numerous sports including canoeing, hockey, athletics, football and rowing. This course is capped at 20 coaches.

PDS level 2 Performance Coach

Goes into more detail from the subjects in Level 1 Coach. It also includes how to measure competencies under measured stress of both tactical & technical performance, designing a critical path that audits performance success in learning & applied performance. This course focuses on techniques and systems that can increase the learning, motivation, state management, ownership, confidence and performance of the athletes and teams you are coaching.

This course has been awarded 125 CPD points for PGA golf coaches.

5 days (1 per month for 5 months) or ran over 2 weekends with 5th day 2 to 4 weeks later:

Day 1 — Intro to frameworks, critical path, developing intrinsic motivation
Day 2 — Effective communication, learning focused coaching, session formats
Day 3 — Develop performance skill, experiential learning linked to state management
Day 4 — PDS 5 levels to ownership
Day 5 — Confirmation of learning, case studies review

Due to the high quality of delivery and required interaction of delegates, the maximum loading for this course is 9. People who have attended this course have included England squad golf coaches, Premiership Rugby and coaches from the University of Washington.

PDS level 3 Advanced Coach

Anyone attending this training must be a qualified PDS level 2 Performance Coach. This course is aimed at national and international level coaches. Coaches are provided with advanced performance strategies and mentored delivering coaching direct to the individuals and teams they are working with. Successful coaches must show a tangible performance increase during a season or equivalent time period.

PDS Advanced Coach builds on the unique techniques learnt during the PDS Performance Coach. These techniques and strategies ensure every minute of training time with athletes and teams are exploited. Our performance strategies focus on maximising the learning skill application and decision making of athletes under extreme pressures.

When elite level coaches are constantly looking for ways to increase the performance of individuals and teams; this level of training is priceless! This course is normally delivered at your club on a one to one basis, but can be delivered to two coaches if they are working together.

People attending this course have included coacheswho have worked with international athletes as diverse as golf and rugby.

All courses can be integrated into the PDS Process as part of our Performance Interventions