For Organisations

Testimonial - Robert Dudley, Aramark Group Manager (International catering company)

“PDS has definitely enhanced the nutritional content and balance of our menus which has allowed us to see a noticeable improvement in sales.

The training of our staff and the ongoing consultancy was both informative and flexible, enabling us to maximise our team’s potential. The educational posters that support the training are also of the highest quality.

I would strongly recommend PDS any organisation that seeks to improve the nutritional habits of the individuals and teams they are working with.”

We use our experience dealing with stress and performance from sport and the military to provide organisations with a refreshing and powerful set of services designed to improve the health and performance of organisations.

Our services include:

  • Nutrition workshops
  • Chef training & menu design
  • Performance coaching and mentoring for the work place
  • Exercise workshops for health and performance
  • Health & fitness exercise rooms
  • Strength, power & speed principles
  • Appearance training techniques
  • Military circuits & boot camp strategies

Golf Club Retention & Member Performance

How many club members do you know invest in the latest golf clubs, shoes, clothing and lessons looking to either improve or maintain their game?

Do you have retired members that start to experience mobility issues, muscle and joint aches or simply struggle to have the energy to complete a full 18 hole course and still enjoy the club house?

Our Club retention and performance services can not only increase the performance of all members, but also assist in reducing mobility, joint pain and fatigue commonly associated with the more mature player.

We can provide a diverse range of services from motivation master classes to menu designs and fully functional PDS Performance Rooms.

All our club packages are individually designed in conjunction with your own requirements

Health Club Member Retention System

For years health clubs have been following the same business model; investing heavily in sales strategies and fitness equipment that they believe members look for when they are thinking about joining gyms and health clubs. Clubs have relied on standard fitness qualifications which they believe will ensure all their staff have the required knowledge and skills required to support and retain their clubs members. The only real formal training for fitness teams has been skill workshops such as Swiss balls and kettle bells, or the odd educational presentation.

We work with your team to develop all the keys skills required to increase the member retention. The major benefits of this training and support are:


  • Proven techniques to increase members self esteem and motivation that assist in developing long term habits
  • Increase all members’ confidence in how to train effectively to achieve their desired results
  • Nutrition education with menu designs and chef training
  • Training to Increase all staffs confidence and competence to interact with members
  • Improve and standardise all fitness teams’ knowledge and skills of motivation techniques, communication, nutrition and ability to effectively select and coach exercises
  • Develop long term member journeys in order maintain their ideal shape, keep fit, stay healthy and still have a life!
  • Ensure synergy with sales and fitness teams
  • Provide high quality supporting posters, books and table stands in all the key areas that interest members specific to their individual goals
  • Mentoring and ongoing validation to ensure training has been implemented within the work place
  • Strategies that develop greater self reliance and confidence in each member
  • Educational workshops to replace inductions that have been shown to increase member / staff rapport, members confidence, knowledge and skills

As a Health club you may be thinking that making your clients self reliant is exactly what you don’t want to do; wrong. Our research has shown that by developing self reliance your members are more likely to achieve their goals. This maintains positive motivation and increases longevity within a healthy lifestyle. Your staff can then establish themselves as mentors and coaches, providing updates and reviews. This ensures your members continually return for knowledge and skill updates over a longer period of time. It also assists in your member base being increased through word of mouth and reputation.

The other benefit of this system is that it frees up vital staff time to concentrate on the members that need more support.