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Testimonial - Peter Francis – Class teacher

“Mark focused on the Year Six class for 2006/07 and spent a great deal of time directly teaching the class about nutrition and being motivated to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Alongside this, Mark demonstrated appropriate exercise techniques using gym sticks, ladders, hurdles and games, modelling the use of this equipment to compliment healthy eating. The children found these classes very helpful in informing them of easy ways of developing an individual exercise plan.

Throughout his programme with Year Six, Mark was always mindful of the limitations of discussing lifestyle change with children of this age and tried to find ways of engaging parents in the process. The success of the programme depended on the engagement of not only the students but their parents as well.

Mark taught a series of extremely successful lessons on nutrition and motivation. His teaching style was thoughtful, engaging and authoritative. The children respected his level of knowledge about nutrition, exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle and this simple fact led to many children beginning the long process of changing their lifestyles and eating practises. One very overweight child of 11 years of age began to walk most nights with her parents and completely changed her diet in an attempt to gain control over her future. This was still the case months later at the end of the school year when she left for secondary school. Even with the most resistant students Mark was able to discuss their questions and the factors limiting their progress.”

We passionately believe that integrating PDS within schools and colleges curriculums will not only increase learning in other subject areas, but will provide all the key knowledge, skills and attitude that can maximise an individual’s life.

One of the most commonly heard comments by out clients of all ages and backgrounds is “if only I experienced PDS when I was younger”. In fact much of our work with adults is developing the basic skills both physically and mentally that should have been honed as a child. The sad fact is that unless we target the right kind of development at an early age we will always be playing catch up.

In one pilot with 11 year old school children, PDS was delivered for 1 to 2 hours per week within the school curriculum over a 3 month period. Over 90% of students involved in the pilot improved their eating habits, increased physical activity levels and improved intrinsic motivation. All students improved in at least 2 of the 3 areas.

All students said they preferred the PDS style of learning (communication) and believed their ability to learn had improved as a result of it.

Parents commented on the changes in behaviour and attitude of their children, ranging from no longer wanting to eat fast food, wanting to do more exercise in the evening to cleaning their room without being asked.

Training & Mentoring for Teachers

PDS train the trainer for teachers has been developed to provide teachers who may not be specialists in physical exercise and sport with strategies and sessions specifically designed to win the hearts and minds of children. PDS not only makes exercise fun it also makes training challenging and educational for all levels. As with all our programmes PDS for Schools and Colleges aims to establish long term exercise and eating habits for life.

PDS for Pupils

PDS develops the correct knowledge, skills and motivation in children to establish positive attitudes and habits towards health and fitness for life!

Some pupils may already have a negative association towards physical activity and healthy eating by the time they start school. Many traditional Physical educational lessons in schools may do little to resolve these issues and in some cases increase the amount of children who do not see value in exercise or correct nutrition.

PDS ensures pupils at any skill and fitness level find physical activity enjoyable, educational and challenging. PDS also ensures the level of challenge is specific to the needs of each student. As with all our programmes the education must be interesting and fun but must also develop behaviour changes that will be utilised outside the class room or gym environment.

Pupils will not only look forward to physical education lessons, they will learn a tremendous amount that can help maximise all areas of their life. PDS physical education lessons have been shown to reduce discipline problems and increase learning in other subject areas.

For schools and pupils who are looking to develop competitive performance, see our mentoring services.