Full Performance Intervention

What is the PDS Process?

The PDS Process is the result of over 20 years research in the field of performance. It is “practitioner based”; meaning the research has been carried out in actual performance environments and is designed to be effective in the “real world”.

Watch a live webcast of Mark Bennett MBE explaining how he developed the PDS Process and the challenges he faced along the way.

Who is the performance intervention designed for?

It has been designed for any team or organisation who are serious about pursuing excellence torwards clear outcomes. It is ideally suited to:

  • Professional sports teams
  • Sport organisations (encompassing the whole structure of the sport from their national level athletes to grass roots coaching)
  • Universities who have a clear drive for high achievement within all their sports linked to excellence within education

Does it only work in certain sports?

PDS in non-context specific; it makes no difference to the type of discipline, the amount of athletes or the level of athlete/coach experience. We have worked with individual sports which have included Golf and Olympic shooting to team sports such as softball and rugby.

Our Performance Interventions include all elements of the PDS Process

What is different about it?

Unlike many performance related interventions, the PDS Process looks at the whole organisation. Far too many strategies work independently; only focussing on one element of the structure. These “one element” strategies provide minimal impact and poor sustainability resulting in short term or no tangible increase in performance.

What are the key elements?

The PDS Process follows a systemic approach to all interventions. The order ensures each element has the greatest chance of success:

  1. Performance Analysis
  2. Group Awareness
  3. Train Management
  4. Train the Trainers
  5. Performance Mentoring

Do you just train and mentor the coaches?

No; we work with every person in the organisation that could influence the performance potential of the team.   This ranges from the Performance Director to the assistant coaches and nutritionists. Why? Because often people have been promoted into positions based on their technical expertise, but have not been provided with the skills in organisational design and adherence strategies  that are a vital part of their role.

How long would a full intervention take?

Each intervention is unique as all organisations are at a different state of growth, size and structure. Our Performance Analysis determines the actual requirements.