Performance Mentoring

Testimonial - Neil Buckley, GB canoeing coach

The first time I met Mark was at sport coach UK, where he presented a very effective, thought provoking presentation.  I came away wanting more! Mark is now working as my coach mentor. I realised from the start I would be challenged (in a good way). He questioned my coaching methods and made me consider in fine detail what I was doing and more importantly why. Each mentor session has been productive and has helped to build my confidence. This has led me to maximise every coaching session, resulting in athletes gaining PB’s in training and competition. I believe Mark has influenced my coaching in a very positive way. Mark is an awesome ninja (you will know what I mean).

Our performance mentoring packages are the most effective way to maximise the performance of athletes, coaches and teams. We work alongside management teams and coaches to maximise the impact coaches have on the athletes they are working with.

Do you use counselling style mentoring?

We do not use just one style of mentoring, as all styles in isolation have serious limitations. Our aim is to ensure the time we spend with coaches has a positive impact once we have left. This means we use our own adherence strategies to help coaches practice and accurately self review unsupervised. We have no issue with challenging a coach if required, in the same way we want coaches to challenge us if they feel they need to. Our Performance Mentoring is 100% confidential.

What is the normal procedure?

All mentoring strategies are unique, as they are designed for the needs of each individual. The go far beyond a chat over coffee discussing how things have gone etc. Traditional mentoring that revolves around meetings and discussions is less effective for several reasons:

  • Without observing the coach coaching you do not know which skill areas are potentially impacting on his performance
  • Some coaches are not accurately aware of the key areas that may be impacting on their own performance
  • Some coaches that are aware may not wish to discuss them
  • Without filming coaches coaching it is very difficult to understand what the coaches can actually identify themselves
  • With no adherence strategy and plan, coaches may agree with you discussion but make no behaviour shift between meetings

Our strategy  has three key elements:

  • Coaches Planning competencies
  • Coaches application competencies
  • Coaches self evaluation & adaptation competencies

Following a discussion finding out about  the coaches perceived needs, goals, situation, environment and plans we observe and film the coach coaching. We then share the filming with the coach and discuss key impact areas. We compare this with the coaches “critical path” (athletes performance plan/diary/strategy) and agree a prioritised action plan.

We can integrate any of our training modules to up skill any coaching areas with the coach and integrate this within our mentoring sessions.

We believe our performance mentoring strategies are amongst the best in the world and are designed to ensure the performance impact is sustainable post mentoring.

What are the costs?

Our rates are between £600 and £1,800 per day. Travel is at cost, plus accommodation (only when logistically required).